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Knight Gas Burner Division (PDF Catalog Pages)
Knight Machine Division
Annealing Lehrs and Ovens
Thermal Shock Cutting Machines
Trim and Glaze Equipment
Knight Instrument Division
Knight Gas-Air Combustion Analyzer
Combustion Control Panels & Cabinets
Knight Watchman
Automatic, Dry-carbon Deposition Systems
Polarizing Instruments
A.S.T.M. Standard Polariscopes, Polarimeters
Model 3 Series Polariscopes
Model 6 Series Polariscopes
        Model 6M4 Polarimeter-Polariscope
Model 110 Polariscope
Model 204 Polarimeter-Polariscope
        Model 207 Polarimeter-Polariscope
Strain Testing Services
Fletcher-Terry Products Division
Knight Tube and Rod Cutting Machine
Product Infomation Brochure (PDF)
Fletcher-Terry Carbide Wheels and Axles
Carbide Wheels and Axles Catalog Pages (PDF)
Industrial Diamond Products
Manual and Automatic Glass Drilling Machines
Diamond Impregnated and Plated Core Drills
    Heathway Products
Alicat Scientific
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